Chocolate Mint Fresh Roasted Coffee

AngelaOston Posts: 249 ✭✭✭

Looked into growing coffee - didnt seem like my climate would allow me. But found a great wholesale source of green coffee that individuals could buy, not just professional roasters. My metal garden strainer is now doing double duty roasting my coffee in the oven.

And as I was enjoying the fresh roast, with its subtle chocolate flavor, also noticed a hint of mint in the flavor. So decided some crazy combining might be in order

Went out and picked some of my abundant chocolate mint growing around our backyard pond. Put it fresh in the bottom of the cup, and poured hot french press coffee over with a dash of milk and maple syrup. And heaven in a cup happened.

i feel sad for the poor souls stuck with artificial Christmas chocolate mint mochas at starbucks. The real thing is amazing. And never would have considered “mint tea” with coffee would work so well. Plus the mint seems to prevent any of the stomach upset coffee can create.


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