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Inexplicable swelling in my mouth! — The Grow Network Community
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Inexplicable swelling in my mouth!

I have clips in my mouth that my dentures grip onto that are imbedded in my jaw bones. Two days ago I woke up with some mild swelling in the lower part of my bottom lip where it connects to the jaw and it has gotten worse. The area is reddened and angry enough that I am not willing to try to put my teeth in. I’m not running a fever and I started Abiotic yesterday morning but I’m hoping that there is something I can use to calm it down without (yet another) doctor visit and antibiotics.


  • TaveTave Posts: 537 ✭✭✭✭

    I'm so sorry. I'm not a health professional, but I've had success with plantain (plantago major, not the cooking banana). It is edible, so it's safe to put in the mouth. I make a poultice and put it directly where the inflammation is. I also include the tender leaves in my salad. Hope you are better soon.

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,781 admin

    @Owl Sorry you are experiencing this. I'm in agreement with plantain if you can find it. You could also try rinsing your mouth with a tincture of myrrh. It is very effective at dealing with any sort of mouth infections. Alternate with some salt water rinses. Hope that helps.

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