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My sis and I are beginning to look for a kitten or two to live in our barn and hopefully deter the mice/rats that inevitably invade as the temps cool. I keep all my feed in reasonably rodent-proof bins, but the disease factor is still there. I've looked at adoption sites near us but the prevailing attitude seems to be against outdoor cats. I understand that in an urban or suburban area, but we live waaaaayyyyy out!

We will of course be sure the little fella is neutered, vaccinated, wormed and socialized to us. Just because it lives outside is no excuse for neglect! If anyone near us (Leon County Texas - zip 75833) has a litter, please PM me. Thanks!


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    Check out Alley Cat Allies and other feral cat rescue/TNR organizations in your area. It is possible to relocate feral cats but it is not a quick process, taking a couple of weeks before they are let loose.

    Also, you would want adult cats for your purposes.

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    Are you sure you don't want to move to Pennsylvania? I have nine kittens, and I am trying to rehome several of them. We started feeding two female strays and one kitten this spring, with the intention of getting them fixed as soon as possible. We did not know that one mama had six kittens waiting in the bushes, and the other would get pregnant again so soon. Well, now the mamas and all but the three youngest are fixed/rabies shot. They are so sweet and quite a nice variety of colors.

    I'm joking about the move, but I couldn't help but think, "if you only you lived closer!" Around here it seems that everyone who wants a cat and would take care of it, already has one- or ten! I have only managed to rehome one so far, and I've asked around a lot. I've hesitated to post a sign, because I don't know who will answer. I'm quite alright with barn cats; I just expect a certain basic level of care.

  • I'm all about taking care of our pets but that does not mean they need to live inside lol. I think some people need a reality check. Definitely check out local rescues. Here they have developed an acceptance of cat colonies. They do a catch and release after fixing them. They notch an ear so it is easy to tell if a cat has been fixed and over time the colony will decrease some in size due to limited breeding. If you still cannot find one and are willing to travel as far as Waco there is always somebody giving away kittens here. Unfortunately some people don't want to fix their animals 😢

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    I know what you mean re: some not fixing. It just seems silly and downright cruel to let a cat just reproduce to reproduce to reproduce. I'm not a "universal spay or neuter" person, but honestly feel that unless there is a proactive reason for breeding, for pity sake don't let them breed! Even with my goats, I don't allow them to breed indiscriminately. "Always breed up" was how I was raised, and if you can't reasonably hope to breed a better animal... or if you have more animals than you can legitimately find good homes for, then practice some restraint! OK... now that I've ranted for a moment (thanks! I feel better...) ... Thanks for the suggestions. I'll begin looking again closer to home. Blessings, all!

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    You should hook up with @bcabrobin . She has tons of extra friends. Would be great if she were near you.