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need help for dry eyes — The Grow Network Community
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need help for dry eyes

Gail HGail H Posts: 359 ✭✭✭✭

Does anyone have any supplements or routines they use to help with dry eyes? I go through periods when I have a real issue with this problem.

I use Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eye formula every day in warm salt water. I also take evening primrose oil and sea buckthorn oil . My optometrist suggested maqui berry, so I will try to get some of that. I also use homeopathic eye drops for dry eyes. Any other thoughts or remedies would be appreciated.



  • Denise GrantDenise Grant Posts: 1,916 admin

    @Gail H I have just begun to have this issue so I am very interested. So far I have not done anything for it but its been getting worse

    Thanks for posting this topic

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,887 admin

    This is info that I got from a webinar with KP Khalsa.

    Triphala is the most widely used eye wash in the world. 1/2 tsp to 8 oz. water. Simmer for 5-10 minutes and strain very carefully through a cotton ball (maybe more than once) and then use in an eye cup. Start slowly with dose to start with and work up. Rose water is a great eye wash for inflammation. Cod liver oil. Dramatic results in patients with dry eye. 

  • Gail HGail H Posts: 359 ✭✭✭✭

    @torey Thank you for the information. I do take cod liver oil, but will try the other recommendations.

  • dipat2005dipat2005 Posts: 378 ✭✭✭

    Be very careful what you put into your eyes. I use Systane Ultra. I have had cataract surgery already.

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,887 admin

    @dipat2005 How did your surgery go? I just recently had my first eye done and am very much looking forward to the next surgery.

  • shllnzlshllnzl Southwestern UtahPosts: 1,528 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @dipat2005 @torey I have cataracts. How do you know the optimal time to get the surgery? So far, my biggest symptom is needing more light at night.

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,887 admin

    @shllnzl An optometrist or ophthamologist will tell you when they have progressed to the point that surgery is required. It used to be considered when the lens was "ripe" (at the right stage of hardness) but with new techniques they don't have to wait and it can be done much sooner.

    I knew I had cataracts long before I saw a doc. I was trying alternatives but this was a case that I should have "bitten the bullet" sooner. I was at the point where I was unable to see to drive.

  • BrindyBrindy Posts: 140 ✭✭✭

    I have dry eyes at night because I sleep with my eyes slightly open. If I wear a mask over my eyes I'm good. I know it's not the same issue, but it might help someone.

  • shllnzlshllnzl Southwestern UtahPosts: 1,528 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @torey Thanks for your input. My retina doctor has discussed surgery. I will see what the optometrist suggests.

  • frogvalleyfrogvalley Posts: 581 ✭✭✭✭

    I used to go to my homeopath and tell him "fix my eyes." He just retired so I have been using Similisan Eye Drops. They've been great.

  • bookwormbookworm Posts: 3

    My first comment here, although I have been reading here daily for over a yr. I also have extremely dry eyes, the eye dr. said it is a side affect of my epilepsy meds. I use Similisan eye drops also which helps a lot. For a supplement, I have tried all the various brands of sea buckthorn, and only found one that works, I have used it for over 5 years now, and often try to find a supplement that is easier on the pocketbook, with no help, I always go back to the one brand, which has oil, pulp, etc. in it. Recently they added another med to my epilepsy meds, and after 2 weeks, eyes were bloodshot, burning, itching, and nothing helped. We stopped the med. for another reason, and in 2 days the eyes cleared up. I don't know if we can endorse a company on this site, but the supplement is put out by the name of a man whose name starts with a T. I hope this helps someone.

  • Gail HGail H Posts: 359 ✭✭✭✭

    @bookworm Thanks for posting! I use the eye drops you mentioned and they do help. If you don't feel comfortable mentioning the name of the supplement, could you message me? I'm thinking my sea buckthorn must be pretty weak stuff; it's just a "house brand" from a vitamin company.

  • jolanta.wittibjolanta.wittib Posts: 508 admin

    @Gail H Thank you for raising this topic. Because of more and more screen time my eyes are also getting dry. So far I did not do anything about it, but I remembered the home medicine for tired eyes - putting black tea bags (after they are soaked in lukewarm water), cotton pads soaked in camomile tea, slices of cucumber (organic, of course). Could those procedures help dry eyes as well? Or using a humidifier in the room.

  • SharieSharie Posts: 195 ✭✭✭

    The eyes are mostly made of collagen. If you are over 20ish, your collagen will decline so you may need to supplement with it. In the 6 years I've been using it I haven't needed moisturizer of any kind as it keeps the body moist. Bovine collagen from grass-fed cows is best. Bone broth might help but I'm not sure as it contains less types of collagen than the one from between muscle and hide. I've heard good things about fish collagen too, at least for hair growth, but haven't tried it.

    If I remember correctly, Evening Primrose Oil is also helpful for this. Depending on the condition, Borage oil is quite similar in composition and a lot cheaper but not sure if it's specifically helpful for your issue.

  • dipat2005dipat2005 Posts: 378 ✭✭✭

    @torey the surgery went well. The Dr. said, "oh no", when he wasn't done with one of my eyes. Since I was awake, "I said, what is wrong?" Dr. said that "the anesthesia had worn off in the eye." I did not feel any pain and the surgery was completed a short time later. My cataracts are growing back now. It doesn't usually happen.

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,887 admin

    @dipat2005 Hmmm! I wonder how he knew that the anesthesia had worn off if you weren't feeling any pain. Did he do both eyes at once? In my experience, speaking to several others, only one eye is done at a time. But maybe that is just the protocol for eye care in Canada. I have to go back in March for more testing for my second eye. It is much worse.

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,887 admin

    @bookworm Welcome to TGN's forum. Great to have you on board.

    I recommend the Similisan eye drops because they are primarily a homeopathic preparation.

    If the Systane eye drops are working for you that is great, however, I would like to add a note of caution here so people can weigh the benefits/risks for themselves. Systane contains polyethylene glycol. This is an article on PEG. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6706272/

  • Gail HGail H Posts: 359 ✭✭✭✭

    @Sharie Thanks for the insight on collagen. I usually have some every morning and recently ran out. That may be the issue.

  • JennyTJennyT Posts: 462 ✭✭✭

    I'm so glad you asked this question. I have a little trouble with dry eyes in the winter however this year it is so much worse. Glad to have all these suggestions to try to help alleviate the discomfort.

  • dipat2005dipat2005 Posts: 378 ✭✭✭

    @torey both of my eyes were done separately. I appreciate the information on the Systane eye drops.

  • vickeymvickeym Posts: 740 ✭✭✭✭

    Sharie. Where would you get grass fed bovine collagen that comes from between muscle and hide? Or how do you tell if it did?

  • MommaMoMommaMo Posts: 137 ✭✭✭

    I have also read about using hexane-free castor oil in the eyes (a drop before bed) for dry eyes. Can't vouch for that, but it might be helpful. A thyme infusion is great for allergies.

  • marjstrattonmarjstratton Posts: 345 ✭✭✭

    This is a timely subject for me. I had my cataracts done a couple of years ago. (One eye at a time.) I was having some trouble with increased fogginess in my eyes recently. I went into my eye doctor and she said it was basically a build up of scar tissue around the lens. She treated each of my eyes with a lazier. My sight has completely cleared again, good as new.

    The med tech that was helping out mentioned to me that my eyes are dry. Not surprising considering my age. She just suggested getting OTC dry eyes drops. I think I would like to use something more organic. I have used moistened black tea bags in the past, but more for thing like a mild eye infection. Shall have to look into some of the suggestions here.

  • bookwormbookworm Posts: 3

    Apparently I do not know how to p m a person! I tried several ways, but nothing works. The person asking about the company will have to p m me, and I can give info. The seabuckthorn has oil and pulp & 4 different types of omega oils. I read a lot about where sea buckthorn comes from, it has to be hand picked, and is grown someplace above Alaska, so I think that is why it is costly. But it aliviates the eye burning & pain, so it is worth the cost to me, which is less than $1.00 per day, I always get it on sale. I have tried the collagen also for 6 mo., and it did not help with the eyes. So far, I have been trying to post on the newcomer site with my info, and there is no box for email below the last comment. I suppose I should contact the people that run the site.

  • Gail HGail H Posts: 359 ✭✭✭✭

    @bookworm Less than $1.00/day is great! My mother-in-law just got a prescription for a dry eye medication and it's $500/month!

  • toreytorey Posts: 2,887 admin

    @bookworm To PM someone, click on their name and that will take you to their page. Then you will see a tab that says "Message" opposite the person's name next to the picture/avatar box. Click on that and it will let you send a PM.

  • dipat2005dipat2005 Posts: 378 ✭✭✭

    @torey thank you for explaining about how to pm someone.

  • flowerpower *flowerpower * Posts: 245 ✭✭✭

    @gailh If @bookworm has not PM'ed you please consider PMing this new member who is just learning how the site works.

  • flowerpower *flowerpower * Posts: 245 ✭✭✭

    @GailH You have had some very good suggestions already. :) The key to the dry eyes problem is to understand what is causing it. This is also key to every medical problem, or problem. We have been conditioned just to go for symptom alleviation, which is not as powerful as treating the cause. How to find out the cause? I recommend keeping a medical journal, and also having a spot for lab test copies or other medical papers. You can then start to use a scientific approach to see what helps and what makes worse, you can look at what time of the day the dry eyes occur, for how long and how severe it is. Is the air dry and cold? Are the eyes getting exposed to winter wind? Be aware of the humidity in your home, get a meter.

    I have some eye itchiness and I suspect infections threatening my eyes. If you are not allergic to onions, try cutting up a big onion for your cooking. The fumes will make your eyes water and cleanse them out. Onion fumes may correct an infection.

  • bookwormbookworm Posts: 3

    I think I have figured out the PM stuff. The message button is hiding in plain site. Myself, I read more than post. I post if I have a comment on a subject I know about.

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