Our latest blizzard was much worse in Saskatchewan

We made it through without damage despite the high winds.

We had the rain before the blizzard just like they did. Record high temps were recorded in many areas before this blew in. Saskatchewan is known for its open spaces & high winds, but this tops previous storms in winter for windspeeds.

I especially like the mini video at the end in this first link. 😆 It is really cute.

This picture in the link above is not an unheard of scene in winter in southern SK.


  • shllnzl
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    I'm glad you're getting the moisture. We are still in drought conditions.

  • Silkiemamuska
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    We are having our FIRST snow accumulation for the winter. Only about an inch expected. I am waiting with baited breath to see the cold and snow arrive like previous winters. Futurecast in weather app shows the gradual spring warming as if we are past the coldest period.

    I know the predictions can change at any point, but I am ready for spring!

  • annbeck62
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    Glad you made it through with no damage :)

  • Torey
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    That is funny, Laurie! I can relate! But as to the rest of it, BRRRR! It has been a very warm January here as well. It was 10°C here the other day. We still have open water on our lake and have 6 trumpeter swans wintering. First time for both! Not looking forward to the Arctic front moving down.

  • MaryRowe
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    The storm even reached down into Missouri today--not nearly so bad as Saskatchewan, but this AM the snow was coming fast enough and the wind was whipping it fiercely enough that I could not see across the front yard. Internet was even out for a while. It's eased up this afternoon, and I don't see any signs of serious damage. Our winter has been pretty mild too, up till now.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    As much as there was a rain, we are still extremely dry here. With the exception of a few big drifts, I think most of our new snow blew east. We need a lot more moisture before we can consider our area out of its dry spell. Snow really adds very little, rain is better (except that it makes dangerous ice on the roads). At least winter isn't over yet. We need a few heavy, wet snows with much less wind. Then come spring, we will need a slow melt & many strategically timed soaking rains so it doesn't just all flow away. Most water catch basins/sloughs are still dry.

    When we had our big rain last summer, it all flowed away so fast it wasn't of much help to anyone in our area.

    Dry conditions are just not much fun. But, you accept what you can get.

    @torey I heard that's coming. Ontario is supposed to get that extreme cold coming from Manitoba...but the prairies (which we are clearly a part of) are supposed to "stay normal." I have no idea what that means, as we are part of the prairies and our winter hasn't been normal. And, if it is coming from MB, shouldn't we be in that cold first? I don't know...either it will come down from Churchill & move across Hudson Bay into ON, or we will get cold soon...but the forecast says nothing of the sort.

    I feel as though we have really been left out of that forecast and are lost in the middle somehow. But its not like I mind escaping the extreme cold.

  • water2world
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    @LaurieLovesLearning Glad you didn't have damage!

    Your videos made me cold, just watching them!