Recipes for rabbit

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Since I brought up trying rabbit in another discussion, I had to share this list of rabbit recipes.

I will definitely being doing the cacciatore or the german stew. Maybe the pot pie, these 3 seem to be the easiest to hide the fact that it's rabbit.

Anybody got any other hints/suggestions?


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    The rabbit sausage sounds great and I have never tried it. So, that is on my to-do list! Honestly, my grandmother only made rabbit stew (my mom wouldn't eat rabbit). So, I don't have any recipes, sorry! But thank you for the link! I love rabbit, but only make stew as that is what I know best...

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    I can't guarantee that Dad will eat rabbit. Hence, the decision to hide it.

    My fantasy.....Gee, Dad, I'm so glad you like it. I just tried to do "chicken" a different way with different spices.

    All the stuff tastes like chicken...….right?

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    Well, I think @judsoncarroll4 & @Marjory Wildcraft should weigh in on this. I am sure both have got to have recipes & tips for you.

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    Thank you for sharing this.

    I am currently taking the academy class on raising meat rabbits. I have raised and breed bunnies as pets before but not for meat.

    My husband occasionally brings home a wild rabbit from a hunting trip. They typically don't have much meat on them.

    I have been looking for some fun ideas for cooking rabbit.

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    Oh sure - I have plenty! I'll try to pull some together either this evening or tomorrow... I'm working on another little project we discussed right now.

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    Well, the first that comes to mind is, obviously, Southern Fried Rabbit. Brine your rabbit overnight in buttermilk, salt and hot sauce. Bread in flour mixed with Creole seasoning. Pan fry in lard until golden brown.

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    NC Brunswick stew is usually made with any combo of beef, chicken, pork, deer, rabbit or squirrel... but always 3 meats. Brown the meat in some lard in a big pot. Add onions and cook until soft. Add corn, lima beans, okra and tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook into a rich stew.