What are your "go to" Instant Pot recipes?

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I live with my parents, as my mother is chronically ill and wheelchair bound. Taking care of her schedule is a two person (Dad and I) job between dialysis, Dr. appts and various other things. I also work a full-time job. Help me out as I am the only person in the house doing the major cooking. Dad does the rest of the cooking.

My most used recipe is a 2-3 lb roast (frozen is fine). Put in cooker. For a roast, I don't use a trivet under it. Sprinkle with KC steak seasoning and dump in a cup of coffee. Add potatoes and carrots. Sprinkle some more steak seasoning on top of those; set pot to pressure cook for 1 hour on high. Let naturally pressure release.

What type of recipes do you have?