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Old Fashioned Ways to Stay Warm(er) — The Grow Network Community
People of integrity and honesty not only practice what they preach, they are what they preach.

- David A. Bednar

Old Fashioned Ways to Stay Warm(er)

I'm lucky that my area (West Plains, MO) is not having the worst weather this week, but it is still cold this morning. Zero degrees with a minus 19 wind chill!

We are not in danger of losing power, so far as I know, and I have the heat up to 70. But this apartment has NO insulation, and the floor is cold!

I've had the kitchen cabinet doors open for days now, and the faucets dripping a bit.

Today I'm not even opening the door. I'm staying in my fleece PJs, with a light weight fleece cap on my head, and good warm socks with my winter slippers.

I think there was a reason that our ancestors wore bed-caps, and I'm going to wear this cap all day and all night until it warms up a bit.

Coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, hot buttered rum...pick your warm beverage and drink as much as you like.

Kidney wraps - I'm using an ugly school bus yellow fleece scarf, doubled up over my kidney area.

And I'm spending quality time on the couch with my warm, fuzzy Christmas throws and the cats.

Anything else you have found to be helpful in these extra cold temps?



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