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Sourdough... — The Grow Network Community
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monica197monica197 Posts: 875 ✭✭✭✭

I have been experimenting with turning regular recipes into sourdough.

The other day I tried a recipe I saw on YouTube - sourdough brownies...they were OK - but I am super particular about my brownies too so I was judging harshly there.

Today I tried a no flour sourdough oatmeal cookie...AWESOME!!! I even nixed all of the sugar in the recipe and added a sprinkle of stevia instead. I do have to say that I used the little packages of Quaker Oats apple and spice instant oatmeal so there was some sugar in the recipe due to that.

I have a batch of sourdough crescent rolls waiting to be baked but they are still rising.

Have you made a non-traditional sourdough recipe?


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