I have too many potatoes

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I was gifted several bags of potatoes. We don't eat a lot of potatoes but do not want therm to go to waste. I have already given away about 50 pounds.

Do you have any potato recipes or ways to can them


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    What kind of potatoes are they? I have not canned potatoes. They don't ever last that long here. Potatoes are one of my oldest daughters favorites. I have heard that only certain types of potatoes hold up well in canning. If am preserving potatoes I usually dehydrated them or make creamy potato soup and freeze it. I can give you the soup recipe if you are interested.

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    You can ferment some. Basically, you boil and mash them, mix in water and a little sugar to get the yeast going, and a lemon helps, too, let cool then add yeast.

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    @judsoncarroll4 How do you use the fermented potatoes. I have never heard of them. Thank you

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    They make a pretty good potato beer/wine. You will want to use a fermentation air lock though, even if it is just a balloon over the top of the jug.... if those potatoes sour instead of ferment, they smell like nasty feet! The wine is ready to drink in 2 months, but better with age.

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    I would like the creamy potato recipe @Michelle D

    And I am not sure what variety they are. I have both white and red

    My brother used to can potatoes, I never have.

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    My creamy potato soup recipe is for large batches as I have a large family. If you are not scaling down you will need a minimum 12 qt heavy bottom pot (to prevent scorching).


    10lbs white potatoes

    2 cans evaporated milk

    4 stalks celery and a handful of greens

    12 tbsp butter (I usually use unsalted)

    2lbs carrots

    Half pound bacon cooked and shredded (if the bacon is fatty add more bacon and reduce butter)

    Celery seed

    Garlic powder

    Onion (fresh minced or powder)

    10 cubes chicken bullion

    4 cubes beef bullion

    Salt and pepper to taste


    Fill pot half full with water. Put bacon, butter, celery seed, garlic, onion, both bullion, some salt and pepper, and celery greens (minced) in the pot to begin.

    Turn heat on medium. Mince celery sticks and add immediately.

    Chop carrots and set aside (add them about 10 minutes before the potatoes are ready to go in)

    Let the pot warm up while you wash, peel and slice the potatoes into quarter inch thick slices (you don't need to be exact but the more even they are the better texture you will have). It is important to add all the potatoes at the same time so that they cook evenly.

    After adding the potatoes you might need to adjust the water level. It should be just above the level of all the ingredients. If it is higher than that it will boil off.

    Cook until the potatoes are fork tender stirring occasionally so that the bottom doesn't burn. Once cooked turn off heat and mash the potatoes with a hand masher until you get desired texture (some people prefer it chuncky)

    Shake the evaporated milk and add to pot. Bring it back to a boil. Stir regularly. Taste it and adjust seasoning to taste. Remove from heat once it is desired thickness.

    @Denise Grant if you decide to try it let me know how it turns out.

    Side note, for red potatoes, I like to chop them, boil them until just tender, drain, and cover with garlic butter and fresh dill. My family loves them with pork chops.

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    @Michelle D

    The soup sounds great and a shared recipe is twice as wonderufl Thank you

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    @Denise Grant you are welcome. I love to share. The recipe is one that was shared with me passed down in a close friends family. I do have her permission to share it.

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    @judsoncarroll4 so the yeast you add is wine or beer yeast? Have you ever used the end result as a starter to make bread?

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    @monica197 Thanks never thought of that

    @judsoncarroll4 wow, interesting about the beer

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    Oh yeah, I forgot the raisins. You also want to toss in a cup or so of raisins. to ensure a good, strong ferment and good flavor.

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    I have canned potatoes in the past and they work really well. Open a jar of meat cubes, one of potatoes and one of carrots or mixed veg and you have instant stew.

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    @torey We have canned them before too. With it being off season I could probably do this. I actually have lids!

    I never thought of adding mixed vegetables. Great idea. We have used meat cubes. It makes a very fast dinner!

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    You could make German style potato dumplings and freeze them. They're super good with bacon grease and bits. Pretty simple, just flour, potatoes, salt and egg. You can stuff them but no real need to if you're just wanting to use it up. Perogies are another good one if you like to have freezer food available. Mashed potatoes and onions or bacon and cheese for filling. Potato bread is good too. I've never made it so I don't know how much potato is actually in it. I used to buy buns and they were amazing.

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    All these recipe sound really good... I haven’t done regular potatoes but did do sweet potato zoodles; dehydrated some and froze some as well. They’re great in the morning for some fried potato zoodles quickly. I did can some potatoes as well but haven’t tried them yet lol.

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    I have canned potatoes, and it works out really well. It can really speed up dinner prep. I used these instructions from the National Center for Home Food Preservation.


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    Dried potato slices. Potato chips. Potato flour.

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    There are some really great ideas here. Thank you everyone!

    I never thought of dried potato slices, potato bread or potato flour.

    @SherryA We ocassionally find potato bread around here. I love it when we can get it , so I should be making it !

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    Potatoes are one of the most useful foods you can grow and store! I never have enough.

    Don't forget fried potatoes or hash browns. Add onions, garlic, and oil, and fry in a pan. Adding cheese is optional.

    In addition to the standard baked potatoes with butter, bacon, and sour cream, there are many other fillings that can be used. For example, peanut butter, pesto, or olive oil. This will give you more flavor variety and let you eat them more often without getting tired of them.

    Also check recipes for "twice-baked potatoes", the potato equivalent of refried beans.

    When you make mashed potatoes, save the skins. You can fry them with cheese and bacon to make great potato skin appetizers!

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    If you make a big batch of baked potatoes, the leftovers grate really well after chilling. You can use them for hashbrowns on the stovetop or baked hashbrown casserole. I've sauteed onions and such, then thrown in the grated potatoes, and gently stir fried until heated through. It tends to stick to the pan, but taste so good.

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    Have you tried to freeze them? They can be shredded, bagged and frozen to use as hash browns or other food dishes.