TGN Podcast Episode 1: CEOs Who Grow Food - Adam Radulovic, CEO of

I had a great conversation with Adam Radulovic, the CEO and founder of

Adam is an entrepreneur who has built a successful high tech IT company with 25 employees in 3 continents. But he still manages to grow some of his own food – in an apartment no less. 

Learn about how Adam has a cherry tomato plant in his living room that still keeps producing more than 18 months later. Why does Adam do it? Certainly he has more than enough money, and he is super busy…. Come listen to this inspiring discussion on how growing your own food builds real wealth.  

On The Grow Network Podcast this season, we're featuring CEOs Who Grow Food. Seriously, this series is full of astonishing people you might not have considered grow food and believe in our mission at The Grow Network.

Join the conversation and let us know who you think we should interview next on The Grow Network Podcast :)