Asia, Check in Here!

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In order for our Asian members to meet or sell or exchange anything (if ever) and to compare notes, it would be helpful to know...where do you call home?

Keep things brief, as I my purpose for this thread is to be only for short introductions & reference, not necessarily discussion. We can do this elsewhere on TGN.

If you want to discuss region specific topics, feel free to post a new discussion in a new thread in "Asia".


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    Greetings, I am Salma Khoo from Malaysia. I am interested in edible and medicinal plants which can be grown in the backyard and used for cooking and health. I also have a special interest in plants that can help in lowering blood sugar and reversing diabetes. I keep a bio-diverse garden of vegetables, herbs, shoots and weeds which can be infused or taken raw and blended.

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    Welcome here, @SUNIN KHOO! You are certainly in the right place.

    You will find much of what you want to learn in our Apothecary category. Conversations about edible & medicinal plants, both cultivated & wild, can be found there. Under Specific Health Questions (in Our Apothecary) you will find specific about the conditions on which you are seeking more information.

    Please be sure to share what regional knowledge that you have, as we can all learn from others within other countries and cultures. By learning from each other & together, this knowledge makes us very strong.

    I will post a link below to make it easier to find these categories. Before you do a lot of posting, be sure to look over our forum rules area.

    It is great to have you here!

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    Hi there!! I used to live part time in Penang for about 9 years. I was always fascinated by the way the jungle was NOT going to let concrete stop it from coming back. So many different plants and medicinal herbs.

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