Passive activism

I spent a large part of my day in the vegetable garden. Planting out seedlings that I’ve been nurturing from seed for the last month. Spring has sprung down under and the weather is glorious. Had the radio on & this afternoon I listened to a conversation on “passive activism”

A professor at a university in Australia has just written a book on how people can lessen their footprint on the planet and help in small personal ways about climate change. The radio host was talking about how she is growing herbs on her balcony and how that helps the cause. Firstly she feeds her family fresh herbs, then she can harvest when she wants, with no wastage, no plastic wrapping, rather cheaply etc. Growing your own food, recycling, crafting, were mentioned and referred to passive activism. I’d never thought of myself in that way. For me it’s a way of life. Living off grid, trying to grow 50% of our food, recycling, making herbal medicine, living healthy & happy. I’m not much into labels but I am a passive activist & I bet most of the TGN community are too! What are your thoughts?


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