Smallpox coming back? Sarracenia purpurea to the rescue!

Suburban Pioneer
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Chatter on the street is that smallpox may be the next epidemic. Apparently Covid isn't frightening and killing enough to suit the elites' taste. Anyway, consider yourself warned as Bill Gates has recently mentioned its recurrence as 'a possibility' and my experience suggests to me that those four old frozen vials marked "smallpox" found in the lab freezer in Pennsylvania probably WERE actually smallpox. Supposedly "only two" were found to have viable virus left in them. (Are we supposed to feel relieved about that?) Anyway, it turns out that that the Micmak Indians of Nova Scotia discovered that the extract of the carniverous pitcher plant that grows along the east coast, Sarracenia purpurea, cures smallpox. A recent article published in Plos One ( )reviewed the folk history of the medicine, then ran a very excellent study which demonstrated that an extract of pitcher plant created using both ethanol and water killed the virus handily in vitro. It works in a unique way by blocking synthesis of a key protein in an early step of the synthesis pathway. There's nothing else that works like pitcher plant extract and old accounts of its use recorded by various physicians attest to how potent it is. So, I'm NOT giving ANY medical advice, here, but just passing along some info to give a heads up and allow everyone the opportunity to do some research on their own.