Show 60: Herbs for Eyes and a Christmas Surprise!


  • Torey
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    It was nice to hear you telling the Christmas story instead of just reading it, Judson.

    I just have to comment on the eye cup. If you can find glass eye cups, buy them all. A few years ago, I went looking for a glass eye cup to replace mine. No luck anywhere. Even at my local compounding pharmacy. The young woman behind the counter offered me a disposable plastic one and when I said no, that I wanted glass, she said she had never seen a glass one. So I pointed them out to her on the display of "antique" pharmaceutical equipment they had on a shelf right behind her. But they weren't for sale, only display. Too bad because one of them was cobalt blue glass. She said she hadn't ever really looked at the stuff on the shelf to question what any of it was. Some people just have no sense of curiosity!

    I finally found a company that sold pharmaceutical and scientific equipment that had some old stock. I bought all 10 that they had left. :)

    Eyebright is fairly common in my area. Not everywhere, but when you find it, it is usually widespread in that location. We have lots of cranesbill geranium, too.

    You have given a great list of eye herbs.

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    I will have to try this. I occasionally have dry eye plus have had poor vision for years, although it is improving with age. (only thing that is)

    Nice info. Thank you

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Thanks Torey. I find eyebright int he mountains sometimes, but violets and wild geraniums are everywhere and really abundant. I agree on eye cups. Gosh, it was hard to read my Christmas story! It took me over an hour to edit out all the times I had to stop and regain my composure.