Herbs for Eye Injuries and Irritations


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    One more plant to add to the list. I have used comfrey before on eye injuries, inflammation and irritation. Makes a nice compress. Its a lot more than just "Knitbone".

    Eyebright is certainly a "go-to" for eye injuries. Even the crushed up plant placed over the eye can help in a first aid situation. I have used in for this purpose and it relieved the pain and irritation of a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    I will have to do more research into hawkweeds. We have 18 species of Hieracium here in BC plus 3 other species that have recently been moved from the Hieracium genus to become the Pilosella genus. Some of the Hieraciums are native and some are imported but all three Pilosellas are invasive and very much so. The orange hawkweed (also called king devil hawkweed, I assume for its extreme invasivness) is spreading so quickly and taking over hay fields, even at high elevations. It is the only orange one, the rest are all yellow, so I will have a challenge identifying the Hieracium umbellatum out of the mix. Its one of our native ones but so often the natives get crowded out by the invasives.

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    Good tip on Comfrey! A reader also suggested English Marigold.

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    @judsoncarroll4 Thanks for this list (and your addition Torey). It seems that I am always getting something in my eye, then after trying to locate it, I end up with an uncomfortable eye! I am going to try some of these!

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    I've never used comfrey for eyes. Sounds like it would be great as well as your suggestions such as yarrow, chamomile, and aloe. Gets me thinking on what might work well for dry eyes.

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    Sometimes dry eyes may be caused by medication. Check anything you are taking for that side effect.

    For dry eyes, make sure you are getting enough zinc, Omegas and vitamins, in particular Vitamin B12.

    Warm compresses will help.

    When I was doing an Ayurvedic medicine course, an eye wash with triphala was recommended.

    Something else, which might not be available right now, depending on where you live, is the dew drops that collect on lady's mantle. Makes lovely soothing eye drops.