Australian Childhood recipes. Chocolate Crackles

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It all started with a discussion on shortages in supermarkets.........

Rice Crispies made me think of Rice Bubbles, which is what is sold here in Australia.

Which made me think of Chocolate Crackles and here we are.

This was a standard growing up at Primary school here in Oz.

That and home made toffees, cup cakes next in line. Store bought licorice was popular too but I have a life long love hate thing going with those.

All the Mums had these mastered as the school would sell them at fetes etc for a little money to help things along.

You can use muffin paper cups or cup cake paper cups.

I prefer the cake paper cups as the muffin sized ones can put you into a coconutty chocolate coma. heh.

Australian Chocolate Crackles

1 block of copha (250gm) (This is coconut shortening. Its a solid block sold near the butter, shortening products in the refrigerated section).

125 gm (1 cup) icing sugar

60gm (1/2 cup) cocoa powder

4 cups of rice bubbles (rice crispies)

100gm (1 cup) of desiccated coconut.

If you have muffin or cup cake sized baking trays, get them out and set aside. These will help keep your chocolate crackles nicely shaped.

Otherwise place something long and high like a roll of baking paper on the side of a flat baking tray/platter and lean the paper cups you've filled against it and pack them close together to discourage spreading.

They will go into the fridge, not the oven.

Sieve the icing sugar and cocoa into a large mixing bowl.

Stir in the coconut and rice bubbles and mix together.

Melt the copha in a small saucepan and when fully melted pour over the rice bubbles and stir into the dry ingredients until coated.

Spoon carefully into the paper cups you've chosen. Be careful as the mixture will still be quite hot.

The whole kitchen will smell wonderfully chocolatey.

Put them into the fridge for a couple of hours and then they are ready.

They are nice warm but they fall everywhere. Eat them with a coffee spoon.

Some Mums would sprinkle cake hundreds and thousands coloured toppings on top.

This is copha.


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I've got the recipe printed out! We'd try it today if we had the krispies. Maybe we will try it with puffed wheat, which we have right now, & see what happens.

    We had experimented with a substitute once before & it didn't work as planned. The upside was that we created a new, addictive family favorite snack mix instead.

    @petalberries Do you have unbaked chocolate cookies or haystacks (oatmeal, coconut, & a chocolate sauce that helps it all firm up as a drop cookie)? That, and puffed wheat cake are two other popular childhood favorites in Canada (most likely in the US too).

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    @petalberries I made some. I ran out of mini cupcake pans, so I used an ice cube tray for the remainder.

    I had to use puffed wheat, so of course, it is a bit different, but it worked! 😄

    The concensus among the kids is that they taste really good!

    I will make these with butter next time because we have lots from our cow and coconut oil is very expensive.

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    Those look really yummy :)

  • JennyT Upstate South Carolina
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    They do look tasty.😋

  • petalberries
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    What is this "unbaked chocolate cookies or haystacks (oatmeal, coconut, & a chocolate sauce that helps it all firm up as a drop cookie" you speak of?

    They sell cookie dough, which I never buy because I love baking my own...

    I have heard of some of these, but I'd have to travel a ways to get to a popular expat American supermarket here in Melbourne.

    I've been there before to get self raising cornflour to make Paula Deen's cheese biscuits and hoe cakes.

    I bought Louisiana hot sauce and a couple of others for a family member intent on ending her life by way of turbo charged chilies in everything.

    And Cheezits because of Nora Roberts.

    I may need to go again.

    I've only just found out what s'mores is. (blush)

    Glad you liked them.

    Brought back happy childhood memories. Wish I could go back there.......

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    I was going to say, they may not set as well with butter.

    But if you mixed them in well it could be good.

    Save up for coconut oil and have them as a treat.

    What will we do if the supply chain denies us of coconut oil?


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    @petalberries I will post that recipe for you too. 😄 It's a favorite!

    We also make whatever we can from scratch. It tastes better and has no or less additives. We try to avoid quite a few.

    Smores are good and there are many different versions. I like 80% dark chocolate with honey marshmallows. 😋

    I figured that the recipe might not set as well with butter, but it would still taste good.

    I'm expecting coconut oil to be way out of reach for us pretty soon, considering everything going on.

    Here is our "accidental" snack mix using the same chocolate syrup/candy that became a hit in our household:

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