European sheep and goat breeds

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It was a very happy time backpacking Europe in what seems like a lifetime ago.

I recall walking a lot of mountain and coastal paths in both Italy and Greece, especially some of the Greek Islands

I noticed homeowners moving small mobs of sheep and goats around during the day to move them to new fodder and under shade.

I cant find what species they might be.

There is a lack of that sort of book in my local libraries and online searching isn't quite there.

Does anyone know what species/variety they are likely to be?

I'd like to organize myself to buy some sheep and goats and have a go at making that amazing cheese the locals made and ate at every meal.

I recall that fizzing on the tongue, creamy yoghurt they sold in pottery bowls.

I recall huge pots of whey being poured out into the hunting dog's drinking bowls which were devoured with gusto.

Their horror when I "wasted" a perfectly good wheel of cheese when I used it as ricotta in a pastry recipe I cooked.

I did pay for it but they saw that as a waste.

They loved the recipe i made, but each batch of cheese was carefully salted and placed in a barrel of brine to mature with the others.

No doubt an extravagance when a bad season could make them go hungry.

I'm feeling homesick for my backpacking trip.

I can't see myself going back at the minute, but I would love to live it here in Australia if I could find the goats and sheep I saw and remember.

I even watched how to spin the wool and weave scratchy carrying bags, bed covers and floor mats......

Homesick I tell you.

Thank you for reading.


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    @petalberries A few months ago, I watched a program that mentioned sheep cheese production in Tasmania. She has a special breed of sheep that thrive in her specific area. They now make specialty cheese, sheep milk soap and even a vodka from the whey.

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    @petalberries That is so cool! That definitely sounds like a wonderful experience!

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    It was larger than life.

    The air was so clean and quiet.

    I find myself wanting to try the things I saw here in Australia.

    I'll be asking folks what types of chickens are kept on the Greek Islands next.

    All the live stock was locked up at night. The sheep in a corral, with the head's ewe's bell clinking all during the night and the goats in a shed.

    So many varieties out there but no information to help me zero in on the livestock I saw in Greece and Italy.

    It was innocent traveling back then.

    Its all so politically loaded now.

    I need a time machine big enough to take me there and bring a sturdy couple of flocks of everything back.


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    That sounds like such a nice time! It must have been beautiful!

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    It was.

    Pre modern mobile phones so I have fewer pictures than I'd like.

    I sometimes watch "Boy on the Dolphin" starring Alan Ladd and Sophia Loren to capture that clean starkness I remember.

    I found it on youtube recently which was a blast.

    Wonder if I will ever be able to go back given how strict the govt leaders are being here.

    A nice flock or two would help me feel better.

    We're aiming to move to more land. It's easier than bulldozing down all my neighbours houses to let my inner shepherdess out.