Medicinal Trees: Abies, Fir


  • Torey
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    We have 3 species of Abies here in BC. These first two don't grow in my immediate area as they are more coastal or southern species; A. amabilis (which we simply call Amabilis Fir) and A. grandis (Grand Fir). Abies lasiocarpa is the species common to my area. Despite the fact that its common name is Sub-alpine Fir, it gets referred to as Balsam Fir here, but A. balsamea grows east of the Rockies, not in BC.

    We also have Douglas Fir which is not a true fir (Abies species) but is Pseudotsuga menziesii. However, it is a very common tree here in BC and used in the same way as Abies species.

    I love using Firs in medicine and food!

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Good trees to scout for several tasty mushrooms under, too!