Any other women out there also experiencing strange menstrual changes post-Covid?

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I'm about five years post-menopausal, and about four months ago I started cycling again!! I'm looking for answers, and for other women who may also be experiencing odd changes in their menstruation in the post-Covid vaxx era.

My actual "flow" is limited to spotting or heavy spotting, but the rest of the symptoms that I normally experienced are all back: bloating, heavy thirst and cravings for salty, fatty foods followed by a stretch of low thirst and small appetite; deep fatigue and, ESPECIALLY, strong mood swings with a lot of depression and crabbiness. Oh, and some months I get several small pimples on my face as well, so there's NO arguing that I'm just imagining things! The symptoms aren't "organized" into monthly patterns, any more, though. They seem to just come on for a while, then go away for a while, then straggle back. The poor moods and fatigue, though, seem to come on and stick around more than before (Aargh!!)

Could I be a victim of vaxx shedding? The concept of transmissible vaccines was being explored as far back as 2015, with research groups talking about advances towards application (mostly for stopping zoonotic diseases in difficult-to-treat populations of free-roaming wildlife) at least in 2018. According to Pfizer's own Covid clinical trial protocol, pregnant women and women of childbearing age who were, in their words, subjected to "occupational exposure" through breath or skin contact would not be counted among the study subjects. What, precisely, they meant by "occupational exposure" was never defined, but they DID use the words exposed by breath or skin contact. This comes straight from their own study protocol, as approved by the human subjects research committee. I'm NOT attempting to stir anybody up or pick a fight, here, I'm just trying to find out if other unjabbed women who don't blindly swallow the conventional narrative and with whom I have some contact, have also noticed strange post-covid era menstrual changes as well.

Apparently thousands of women all over America (I don't know about the rest of the world) have had unusual menstrual experiences both after getting jabbed and also without getting jabbed, themselves. However, the unjabbed have all have had exposure to others who HAVE been jabbed. (With the high rate of jab acceptance everywhere, how could they not?) Some, like me, are post-menopausal and report a sudden return of their cycles. Yes, I've been to a gynecologist and I have no signs of cancer or other obvious uterine disorders that could cause occasional bleeding, and certainly nothing conventional that could explain a return of all of my normal cycle symptoms! Ladies, am I alone in this, or have any of the rest of you had something similar happen to you? I'm still in shock and hoping my gyne will work with me to rule vax shedding either in or out. I'm seeing her again soon and bringing several hefty research papers with me to show her I'm serious about getting to the root of this and that we can't dismiss the possibility (although she's a conventional sheeple who recommended the jab to me). I plan to get my homeopath involved, as well, if she'll listen. Thoughts? Thank you!