Marshmallow - Health Benefits

Marshmallow is a wonderful demulcent used to treat a variety of ailments in different body systems. In research, marshmallow has been shown to be more effective than a commonly prescribed cough medication, dropropizine. It is slightly less effective than opiates (codeine) as an anti-tussive but doesn’t suppress expectoration as opiates do. Marshmallow can be found in tea combinations, syrups, throat sprays and/or lozenges for coughs and sore throats.

Marshmallow is often used in combinations to soothe urinary tract infections or to assist with the passing of kidney stones. It is helpful in cases of stomach ulcers, IBS and colitis as well as being a preventative for leaky gut syndrome. Marshmallow is useful for both constipation and diarrhea. For digestive issues, marshmallow can be taken in capsule as well as teas.

Marshmallow’s anti-inflammatory properties are great for skin conditions, soothing itching and redness and helping to reduce swelling and irritation. Studies have shown good results treating cutaneous leishmaniasis with marshmallow combinations. Marshmallow can be found in salves or it may be added to lip balm recipes.

For new mums, marshmallow may help increase milk supply but is usually used as a supportive ingredient in galactogogue teas. It can also assist as a breast compress for sore nipples or engorgement.

The leaves are used medicinally as well although the root may have more mucilaginous properties. 

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