Show 93: Fall Gardening and Club Moss


  • Torey
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    Very interesting discussion on Club Moss.

    When you go to herb schools/colleges, you learn about a selection of herbs that are most commonly used for certain ailments. But there are so many other plants out there that are so useful that don’t get discussed in courses or written about in the more modern texts.

    I was just having that conversation with a friend today. She asked about the procedure being taught for making pitch medicine and I had to reply that it is one of those medicines that you learn about from other herbalists or elders. Its just not taught in most herb classes.

    Club moss is one of those. It used to be used a lot more commonly but has fallen out of use.

    We are in as much danger of losing the knowledge of these herbs as we are in danger of losing genetic diversity in plants.

    So kudos to you for discussing older, less used herbs to keep them a part of our apothecaries.

    I hadn’t heard about the use of club moss for cirrhosis. But I looked it up in my homeopathic repertory and out of 110 remedies listed for cirrhosis, Lycopodium was highlighted as one of the top 13 remedies.

    Good cautions on making sure you have identified the right species. It took me a bit to figure out which ones were in the new Huperzia genus and which ones were Lycopodium. I still need to check to book sometimes.

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    Well, as you well know I would be absolutely ignorant on club moss had you not given me the tip that it was the same thing as ground pine. I couldn't believe it, when I walked into the woods the next day, and found it EVERYWHERE!

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    It amazing to find a new plant that you have been walking over, not paying any attention to. And suddenly it is everywhere.

    I just learned about foamflower. I had seen it before but disregarded it as one of those insignificant, not-very-common, forest floor plants. When it was being described to me, I had a vague recollection of it. But now that I have been looking, it is everywhere. You just have to program your personal radar machine to that particular plant and you will find it.

    Thanks for the mention, by the way.