Prayers for the Amish Community

Approximately 62.5 percent of the North American Amish population lives in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Directly in the path of the toxic cloud created by the Palestine, OH train derailment and decision to burn off the toxic vinyl chloride.

Everyone in that region needs prayers, but my heart went out when I realized the Amish community is likely to be very hard hit. And since they aren't online news channels not likely to know what is going on.

We don't know the extent of toxicity from the water and air pollutants and I am working to find out.

Media sources are difficult to trust. The EPA says the drinking water is safe and don't worry, alternative media is screaming "disaster". People near Palestine are reporting chickens and horses dead. You know, the internet...

I've been asked "what soil remediation can be done for dioxins?". I am searching high and low for solutions and please, please let me know if you find anything.

Here is the link for that thread if you can help research this.