I found this sausage press in a flea market and I want to know how to use it for my tinctures.

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With it being cast iron and not an easily cleaned stainless steel I am hesitant to use it for a tincture press.


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  • judsoncarroll4
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    I have one just like it! You will want to remove the handle, coat all metal with oven cleaner and figure out a way to put it in your oven on the "Clean" cycle.

  • Owl
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    Thanks Judson! Even if it’s already been restored? The outside is grubby from sitting in a flee market but the inside is pretty clean and been well cured. I can absolutely start over though. How do I maintain it? Will the exposure to alcohol affect the cure? Also, can you use it for multiple purposes like a fruit press or cheese or would it have to be recured every time? I love cast iron but I’m not accustomed to using it without a fat.

  • Michelle D
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    Oh that is beautiful! Congrats on the great find @Owl

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Owl We just got done using ours for sausage! That is an absolute gem of a find. Ours is a hand-me-down through my husband's side. We've never used ours for apples as it's missing the plate for that purpose.

    I've never thought of using it for tinctures. I suspect it would make all my tinctures taste like sausage. 😆

  • Owl
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    I’m excited to find it! It is missing the stop pin but my husband thinks he can figure out how to buy something that will work or get a buddy to fabricate it. If anyone has the pin that goes into the top that keeps the screw from turning would you please send me a picture with the measurements. I appreciate you guys for taking the time to answer! I definitely don’t want my tinctures to taste like sausage but it might go well with the apples, haha.🤣

  • vickeym
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    Very happy to find this post. Thank you @Owl for asking this. I love your stuffer. I love cast iron.

    I have a sausage stuffer but mine is stainless. Was wondering if it could be used for tinctures and other things. Glad to see this is possible.

    I was thinking if I use a piece of muslin over the tube area, I could extract the tincture cleanly or if needed just filter it afterward.

    Thank you all for your answers in the discussion.