Birch Oil: Medicinal & Waterproofing

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I was watching waterproofing videos, and saw deer/bear/beef tallow & beeswax.

Someone mentioned that tallow can go moldy. Someone else mentioned how birch oil could give further waterproofing. So, I went looking for how to make birch oil, because you can make virtually anything, right? It's not a lot different from the process of making black salve.

Peel your birch bark, if possible, not from a live tree (never, ever ring a tree. It will kill it). The rest is explained in the video. So very easy!

By the way, birch oil is medicinal. This guy mentions some benefits, but maybe @Torey can elaborate or add more.

Iwasn't sure whether to put this in the category I chose, or in the medicinal category. I chose this because knowing how waterproof is very important.

I somehow suspect it wouldn't smell as tasty to anything that loves to chew leather either as if you used tallow. 😄

If you wish to preserve your tallow-beeswax mixture, mixing with 1/2 birch oil is supposed to help.

I also read that milkweed latex will further waterproof.