Anything new in treating Bursitis of the Hip?

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The Bursitis in the hip started yesterday but today it hit with a vengeance. The pain has never been this bad before.

I have been icing it and resting with a pillow under the hip and one between my knees when lying down.

Is there anything else that is new or better to do? I have been walking around but not much at this point.

Thanks for the help.


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    I have been going to a U.S. franchise called StretchLab. They employ physical therapists to help you stretch out your various muscle pairs. Injuries can cause the body to compensate by positioning muscles in a protective manner, and over years, compounding physical issues. The process feels like half physical therapy and half massage. The flexologists are allowed to pursue your individual issues rather than following restrictive orders from physicians. Insurance does not cover this process though.

    My lower back and right hip pain was actually caused by shoulder problems. My inflexible senior body is moving more smoothly and reaching further. I'm standing taller.

    My left hip bursitis of many years now only bothers me occasionally.

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    @shllnzl I am not familiar with this company, but the information you are saying is correct. Just because you feel pain in one area doesn't mean that is the area with the core problem.

    @dipat2005 I suspect that this type of program, with an herbal infused oil, could help you heal better & faster.

    Accupressure massage could most likely help too. It has helped with my carpal tunnel in the past.

    I have a pain salve recipe that @Torey has helped me figure out. I just need to get my ingredients together to try it. There are herbs & spices) that can help ease pain & enhance healing, so there will be a combination that should prove to be beneficial for you.

    Have you looked up any Bob & Brad videos about bursitis on YouTube? That could give you somewhere to start for free.

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    Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids (cold water fish, grass fed meat, flax seed & oil, chia seeds, walnuts, purslane) are recommended to help ease the pain of joint inflammation. Or a supplement if you aren't getting enough in your diet.

    Greens for the B vitamins. Vitamin E and zinc for tissue repair. Vitamin D.

    Turmeric. Usually it has to be taken regularly for awhile to notice effects.

    Arnica as a topical preparation (massage oil, salve or in a linament).

    I know its painful to exercise but that is one of the best things. Low impact like swimming or walking on an earth path (not pavement or hard floors).

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    I also have to say that I do HIIT training for three hours per week, with 50 minutes at Stretchlab on another day.

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    Thank you for all of the help. I was so amazed that my excruciating pain only lasted two days. Then it was manageable.

    Just yesterday I found exercises on You Tube. I have been doing some of those exercises already and will continue them.

    I wondered if maybe the supplements I have been taking shortened the duration. Usually it lasts for 3-4 months at a time. It is totally gone now.

    Thank you for mentioning about the shoulder pain. The acupunturist I go to has been putting tacs on pressure points for my shoulder and those had fallen off.

    I used to use Traumeel on my hip but have run out. I did try Arnica and didn't find much relief there.

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