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The Grow Network is a premier community of experts striving to change the negative effect humankind is having on the planet. Through growing your own food, making natural remedies, and living off the grid, we hope to reverse some of the damage caused by modern technology and heal the planet for the generations to come. 

If you’re interested in integrating homesteading into your life, you probably have a ton of questions. Because everyone’s situation is unique, you might not find the information you need on our blog, at the academy, or in our variety of guides, so we’ve created a homesteading forum where anyone can discuss questions, strategies, and other concerns.


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The homestead forum is the perfect place for any of your questions as long as you follow the community rules. We encourage open-minded discussions of everything related to sustainable living because we want everyone to succeed. You can explore the homestead forum in a number of ways, including Categories, Discussions, Best Of…, and Groups

Interact with everyone in our community through our permaculture-specific forum or general discussion board. Not sure where to start? Read our Welcome Post to familiarize yourself with our sustainable living forum guidelines. Create an account and review our posting tutorials to get started today!

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Once you know how to post and you have a question in mind, find the most appropriate location for your discussion. Whether it’s the permaculture forum for growing food or the Best of LOL category for lighthearted tales from other homesteaders, we have tons for you to explore. Start sharing now!

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