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Denise Grant

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Denise Grant
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  • My morning tea turned into a tea party. Story

    I just brewed my morning tea and was prepared to relax and enjoy silence. I stretched my arms, and watched the fog start to lift. As I looked around the yard I saw a white rabbit racing through the y… (View Post)
  • Spotted dead nettle

    I have 4 varieties of the spotted dead nettle. This article explains more about them. I do have the yellow, which is a more aggressive spreader but if its planted in a sunny dry place it stays under … (View Post)
  • Turkey Tail Mushrooms

    I know we have turkey tail mushrooms in out area and I am sure I have some on the land but until I harvest a mushroom (usually with someone who has hunted mushrooms for years) I do not feel comfortab… (View Post)
  • Re: Loss of Smell and Vitamin D3

    @frogvalley Vitamin D3 is amazing. Our family has seen improvements in many areas using this. Give it a bit more time and see if you have more improvement. (View Post)
  • Re: Pneumonia

    Thank you everyone for all the helpful advice. My mom is getting a bit better every day. She is still weak but her color is better, her speech is better (she had an old voice for a few days) and she … (View Post)